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How to Use Clean

Announcement 6/23/14: The site currently is under redevelopment … once completed, this page will be updated to reflect the changes!

The Clean Round! website is dedicated to the spectator aspect of the humane and beneficial equestrian sport of Show Jumping. We provide links to relevant media content to give interested readers a convenient way to enjoyably follow and access information about the sport, and to provide greater total exposure to the sources of the information. links open in the same window of your browser (use Back button and/or bookmark us!).

If you prefer, there are several ways to open links in a separate tab or window. The most common is to right-click a link and select ‘Open Link in New Tab/ Window’. Holding down the Shift or Control key as you click the link is another method, or, if you have a mouse with a middle button or wheel, you can click that button instead. Some browsers also provide an option for universally opening links in a specified manner.

Site Description
  • The top “slider” images are of Nations Cup or other major Show Jumping competitions. Thumbnails underneath the image are arranged in chronological order with the most recent on the far left side. The slides rotate in sequence, and pressing one of the thumbnails takes you to that ‘slide’ … pressing “Read More” on the image’s caption opens the full post about the event.
  • Original content and important reader information is placed in the top left area below the big “slider” header images.
  • The rest of the site is made of external links, collected under eight (8) Columns designated by gray-colored bars … clicking the bottom link of a Column section will open a page of all entries for that subject arranged in chronological order. Column links are regularly updated. has no affiliation with these sites, and publishes these links to highlight relevant content as a service to readers and providers for the benefit of the sport.
  • The lower section of the site (brown background) contains fixed links to horse-oriented websites and resources.
  • The bottom menu provides access to basic site information.
We’re Just Getting Started! is an experiment under development, and public participation and feedback is encouraged. Volunteers are welcome … please contact us if you have feedback or are interested in helping out!