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Clean Round!

Editor: John Royce

I created Clean Round! because I love horses, and want others to be able to see and enjoy them too. The purpose is to support spectators of jumping events and other humane equestrian pursuits.

I’ve always loved animals … and I’ve loved show jumping since I first saw it way back at the original Pin Oak Horse Show in Houston. I had advantage of seeing the real thing, when the horse world was still part of society at large and acted like it.

In later years, I wrote about mankind’s history with horses in a young adult trilogy, the Legend of the Great Horse. The work was energized by my suspicion that horses were more important to humanity than our self-weighted beliefs can bear to recognize. Now of course I am much more sure.

Jumping into the Future

Eventing is my first love in horse sports. The sport is finding its own path to the future, and fighting harder for it than most horse activities are currently doing. As more people discover eventing, may the word spread—it’s a modern adventure and a fountain of heroism in both species.

Show jumping has something new for the modern age: it’s an urban sport, suitable for the tiny scale of the vast modern city. It is a game we play with horses: a happy change. Jumping has a bright role to play in bringing horses back to people, if they will have them.

Jumping sports showcase what a horse can do. They offer us horses as our ancestors found them: a ship to anywhere, a friend, a continuing journey and the spirit of adventure.

Today it’s possible to see a future for horsemanship in an emerging attitude of intelligent cooperation and concern for the horse’s future.

It’s an exciting time to follow horses. Really, it always has been.