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The Piazza di Siena after installing sand in 2007 The Games are the first qualifying event for Show Jumping at the 2016 Summer Olympics … it is a meeting of the world’s best horses and riders! – Photo: Henry Moreigne...

Versailles to host Olympics

Antwerp State house - Photo: User:Klaus with K / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0French organizers have chosen the grounds of the Palace of Versailles for the equestrian games of the 2024 Olympics. There is a deep connection between Versailles and modern equestrian sport … and it may not be what most folks think.

A Star is Born at Cannes

Cannes Show JumpingA young Swedish stallion named Hansson jumped into the winner’s circle in front of a surprised Cannes crowd last weekend. The rangy bay stallion showed a star level of talent when besting a tough field Saturday night in front of a jammed house.

The Devon Dilemma

Last week I went to Devon for the first time. The Devon Horse Show is the “oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed horse show in the United States” … going there was like stepping back in time to when horses were a part of daily life, and horse shows were the proving ground of a common and valuable skill.