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About Clean Round!

“Long may show jumping flourish, for this sport encourages nothing but good.”
–Lt. Col. Michael Ansell (1905-1994)

Clean Round! is a site for people who like horses and want to follow the equestrian sports of show jumping and eventing. These exciting and humane sports are beneficial for both horses and people, and our mission is to share them.

The new challenge for the horse world today is connecting with the public to share the joys of horsemanship. People have already forgotten so much about horses—a lesson, no doubt—but they are eager to find out how modern equestrian sports developed from empathetic traditions which include respect, good treatment and mutual trust.

Our kind began watching horses before recorded history. Today we can see an athletic union together that finally matches our ancestor’s aspirations. Horses are a part of our common story.

However you’ve been acquainted with horses, in your dreams or in person, we hope you’ll join with us to continue the wonderful ride… is a news aggregator for media coverage of horses, equestrian sports and issues of equine welfare.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping out!